Han TeRra FRSA, FRAS , FRHS (한테라, 韓泰來) is a widely recognized as as an exceptional composer and virtuoso of the brand new instrument TeRra which is originated from Korean kayagŭm (12-string zither). Ms. Han was a child prodigy and was performing by age 8. She began her training in classical Korean music and performing arts, including singing and dancing, at the age of five. In addition, Ms. Han has mastered other Asian zither traditions including the Japanese koto, the Chinese jaeng, and North Korea’s music represented in China.

Ms. Han has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and the Asian Cultural Council in New York. Han holds B.A., M.A. and Ph.D from Seoul National University. She has released more than 10 solo albums and numerous chamber and orchestra recordings. Terra had debut stage at the Carnegie Hall in New York, 2016.

TeRra Han was admitted voting member of the Grammy Awards as few Asian traditional musicians by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Science in the United States. She was named the first fellow as a kayageum virtuoso of The Royal Society for Arts and Royal Asiatic Society in the United Kingdom.

Terra Han plays Korean traditional instrument kayageum, Japane Embassy in Tokyo, 2013

From the ancient to the 21C avantgarde, Terra leads the ways.

..French 1st diplomat, Etienne Rolland-piegue

Terra is so beautiful, so talented and so special. Respect !

.. John Zorn, American composer

I’ve been to a lot of performances at MIT, but I have never seen an audience so mesmerized and connected as in yours today.

..Makris Nicholas, professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gifted Terra, the most ideal kayageum virtuoso who I ever never met.

..Chaesuk Lee, kayageum master, emeritus professor at Seoul National University, member of National Academy of Arts of Republic Korea

There is nothing impossible sound from her fingers. Undoubtedly Terra is a genius.

..Jeongsuk Kang, kayageum master, No. 23 Intangible cultural heritage of republic of Korea.

Terra, the foremost kayageum virtuoso in the Korean music on a par with a national treasure. 

..Kihong Kang, former vice president of Korean tourism organization, President of Korean cultural council in the Japan Emgassy